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All Saints' CE Primary School Alrewas

All Saints' CE Primary School Alrewas

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Security Lockdown Practice


Dear Parents,

As you know, keeping children safe is at the heart of all we do. 

It is very important that we put procedures in place and plan even for those events that are highly unlikely to occur. As part of this, we have been reviewing our emergency arrangements and now need to practise our procedure called "security lockdown."

I'm writing to let you know that this practice will take place this half term.

What is a security lockdown and when would it happen?

A security lockdown is a standard Health and Safety procedure, similar to a fire drill, with which the children are already familiar. Our security lockdown would be used if there were a threat to the safety of our pupils, staff and others in the school, and when it is safer for everyone to remain inside rather than evacuate. The aim is to keep people safe by confining them to a place of safety. 

Situations where this procedure may be required include: 

* A potentially dangerous person or animal on the school site. 

* A disturbance or dangerous situation in the community that may affect the school. 

* A nearby chemical incident or other risk of air pollution. 

* An incident related to terrorism.

We are planning on discussing this with children in an age-appropriate manner, so that they are aware of what we are doing and why. You may choose to do the same. 

Our children were wonderful in the fire drill last week, with the whole school out and accounted for in under three minutes. We are sure the security lockdown will go just as smoothly.

If you have any questions, please do speak to me. 

Kind regards,

Miss E Wilson