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All Saints' CE Primary School Alrewas

All Saints' CE Primary School Alrewas

John Taylor Multi-Academy Trust

Parking outside School

Dear Parents,

Unfortunately, this week I have had a number of concerned parents speak to me about potentially dangerous driving outside the front of school which has caused their children to be scared or alarmed while walking to school.

Although your priority is of course to ensure your child gets into school safely and promptly, we would ask that you consider the following, in order that children crossing the road or walking on the pavements are not put at risk of harm:

Please do not:

*Park on the zig-zags out the front of school, even for a short period

*Park on the pavement, across dropped kerbs or in front of residents' driveways.

*Stop in the middle of the road to drop children off, even for a few seconds.

*Drive up the pavements, either forward or in reverse. 

We realise that many families have no option but to drive, but it may be an opportunity to consider whether walking/scooting/cycling might be an option. Ultimately, we simply wish to ensure children get to school safely.

If you wish to discuss this, please do get in touch.